Co-op Community Fund

Winthrop is delighted to have been chosen as one of the local community projects to benefit from the Community Fund. If you’re a member of the Co-op you get a 5% cash ‘divvy’ on every £1 you spend. In addition – you can gift a further 1% to a local community organisation of your choice. We are delighted that many people have chosen Winthrop Gardens as we’re looking for funding to improve and increase our car parking to make Winthrop more accessible to those in need.

If you’re not a member of the Co-op its dead easy to join (forms in store) and it costs just £1.

Then you need to click here to choose Winthrop Gardens.

Once you’ve done this your 1% comes automatically to Winthrop

So far Co-op members have raised an AMAZING £337.99


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